Friday, November 1, 2013

Initial Concepts

Under the leadership of Jake Kuklick and using the feedback from our neighborhood survey, team Carpenter Green has begun to bring the neighborhood's vision to life.  Below, you'll find three initial design concepts that were created based on the park survey.

We're planning to take these designs on tour throughout the neighborhood to solicit feedback and continue to craft the vision for the space.  These concepts are very preliminary, but give you a great idea of the hidden potential locked in this space.

Concept #1: "Rittenhouse Model"

Concept #1 features the most formal spatial relationships, containing many right angles and a straight sight line through the middle of the park from Carpenter Street to Montrose Street.  It is also the most symmetrical of the three designs.  Concept #1 also includes:
  • No grass
  • High amount of patio space
  • Oval-shaped rain garden
  • Oval-shaped dog area
  • Primary entrance on 17th Street

Concept #2: "Island" Model

Concept #2 is balanced around a central island of vegetation and meeting space, surrounded by lawn.  It is less formal than Concept #1, using curves in addition to straight lines.  The paved paths and circulation routes are similar to those demonstrated at Julian Abele Park.  Concept #2 also includes:
  • Elevation changes (island down to lawn)
  • No dog area
  • Open lawn space
  • Central rain garden
  • Large flower beds

Concept #3: "Sculputural" Model

Concept #3 is the least formal of the three designs, utilizing sweeping arcs and irregular curves to define spaces.  It exhibits asymmetry but is composed around a central patio area.  Both a dog-friendly area and lawn are present.  Concept #3 also includes:
  • Two rain gardens
  • Rear flower beds
  • Primary entrance on the corner of 17th and Carpenter Streets
  • Dog area separated by low wall
  • 'Woodland' planting aesthetic

Credits: Plans and perspectives drawn by Stephen Panasci, Peter Straus and Jake Kuklick.